EURES ROMANIA offers a large range of services for the foreign employers who wish to recruit Romanian personal and for Romanian employers who want to recruit jobseekers from European Union/European Economic Area.

Services offered by the EURES advisers to the employers:

- Help in conceiving the recruitment advertise

- Guidance in selection the proper way of promoting their offers

- Guidance in employer’s registration in the database of EURES at European


- Finding and/or selecting (or even reselection when it is especially requested by the employers) the best candidates


If the employer wants to make public the recruitment advertise must contact just one EURES adviser. In order to contact the EURES advisers from Romania click here.

In order to contact EURES advisers from EU/EEA, access the European portal EURES (www.eures.europa.eu) or press here !

For the foreign employers who want to recruit personal from Romania, we will take action so that the job vacancies offered by the foreign employer should be seen all over the country!

If a Romanian employer wishes to recruit personal from EU/EEA, and to make public his offer, there are several options:

1. Contact an EURES adviser from Romania, from the county where the firm has its location. The EURES adviser (at the employer’s special request) may offer guidance in conceiving the advertise and he will make public this offer on the NAE (National Agency for Employment) site application.

2. Contact directly an EURES adviser from EU/EEA through the EURES European portal here. In this case the offer should be structured so that it fulfils all the necessary conditions to be made public (payment conditions, the period of contract, the validity of the offer, knowledge of Romanian/foreign language necessary, etc.)

The EURES adviser from the member state of EU/EEA will contact the Romanian homologue from the county where the employer has its location for any additional information.

3. The personal registration in the European database through the EURES European portal. In this situation click here! .

After the filling of the aplication through registration, the employer obtains an account number so he will have acces at all CV’s of all persons who are searching for a job, registrated on EURES portal. The employer can also contact an EURES adviser who will help him in finding the suitable candidates, and the adviser can prepare a list of useful CVs, at the employer’s request.


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